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Wildwood Wanderlust…

Experience All That Wildwood Offers…

Are you trying to plan the perfect Wildwood vacation?  Immerse yourself in “Wildwood Wanderlust,” a blog brimming with insights from the owners of The Hen Houses. The Sciarra family shares their deep understanding of all that Wildwood, New Jersey has to offer! Whether you’re a resident who loves the area or a visitor planning a trip to this lively coastal town, our blog serves as your ultimate guide to all aspects of Wildwood, seen through the eyes of true Wildwood locals.

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Our story.

From micro-brewery to micro-resort, The Hen Houses are a subsidiary of MudHen Brewing Co. and brought to you in partnership with Sciarra Contracting LLC, Meraki Creative LLC, and the 795 Group LLC.

MudHen Hospitality is dedicated to providing high-quality service in a unique, inviting atmosphere with a focus on creativity, culture, and community.

As a company, our mission is to operate with passion and creativity in mind; to provide high-quality experiences that pay homage to the land, traditions, and culture of the Wildwoods.

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